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Apr. 27th, 2006 | 10:27 am
posted by: quantum_rainbow in queerwhatcom

Dudes, I just found this on my computer and I have no idea when it was written (although its pretty easy to tell who wrote it). Was this ever published? If not, is should be updated a bit and submitted to the "Whore-izon" because it's kick ass!

Let’s get one thing straight (no pun intended), we are two queer females. We live, breathe, and sleep gay. We live in an all gay household. We watch as much gay TV and movies as possible. We go to every gay event that isn’t 21 and over. We donate money to gay charities and all the magazines we subscribe to are gay. Even our dog is gay. We are the President and Vice President of Whatcom Community College’s New Queer Alliance. We used to be the Gay Straight Alliance, but we realized that the New Queer Alliance better represented what we are and what we plan to do.
We are on a mission to make WCC gayer. I’m sure your wondering why, with all the gayness already in our lives, we feel the need to be more visible on Whatcom Community College’s campus. Maybe it’s because, even immersed in all things gay like we are, we still feel alone on campus. Walking through the courtyard can feel like navigating through a sea of straight people. Maybe it’s because most gay people aren’t as connected as we are and we’d like to bring the community to them. Let’s be honest, unless you’re active in the queer community, your life is pretty much 99% straight. Or maybe it’s because we’re just attention whores. Whatever the reason, we’re trying to build a visible queer community on campus.
The queer people of WCC are scattered and invisible. WCC has no LGBT or Diversity Center, no gay oriented academic programs, and rarely do you see anything queer on campus…except for us. We partially attribute this to being the curse of a community college. People go to class then immediately leave to get back to their real lives.
I never feel more at home than I do at a gay event and I desperately wish that Bellingham had a more clear and connected gay community/neighborhood or that the resource center got off the ground.

Some of you probably don't understand why a visible gay community is needed and all I can say is you probably never will. Sounds condescending I know, but unless you have this thing that makes you different; a kind of different that's hard to share with your family and some of your friends; a different that makes you feel all alone in your own country (especially considering how many people voted to keep you at subhuman level), then you're never going to get why there's a part of me that's always a little lonely. And it's not about finding a boyfriend/girlfriend, but about finding a home.
But we’re determined to make this year different, to make a change on campus and in the Bellingham queer community. We’ve had a lot go on this month. We’ve tabled for the Activites Fair and for National Coming Out Day. We’ve defended/explained our name change to everyone who has asked. Posters are up, club T-shirts are on the way, and we’ve been planning for our first drag show ever.

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From: xxgasm
Date: Apr. 27th, 2006 06:16 pm (UTC)

Omg! I can't believe you found that! Hey, wasn't that labeled Stay Out Colleen!? How dare you enter my private files that were on your computer and I never removed from like a kajillion years ago. I think we weren't really finished or something and we forgot that the article even existed.

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